Bone Broth Part 4-Beef Broth

Now that you have mastered chicken broth with or without the feet. It is now time to move on to knuckles and bones with marrow!! Like chicken bone broth, beef bone broth is just as nourishing and I find it to be an excellent stock for beef vegetable soup, or a french onion soup! TO MAKE BEEF BONE BROTH You will need a combination of the following: Knuckle bones Shin bones with marrow Beef back ribs – I like a […]

Bone Broth Part 3-with Chicken Feet

Yes my friend you heard that right, chicken feet! Not just for walking. I have recently discovered the blessing and benefit of using chicken feet in a bone broth stew. I did not include the feet in the first recipe, because I thought you would faint like I did the first time I used them :). Adding chicken feet increases the gelatin content in the broth, making it a more nutritious drink or soup.  The collagen from the feet is […]

Bone Broth Part 2-The Recipe

I have always made bone broths mostly because I am cheap and I hate to see a good carcass go to waste. Therefore every time we finished a chicken I would make a stock out of it, and either use it for a chicken soup or freeze for another day. Recently I have discovered how important Bone Broth is for over all health, and our grandmothers had it right when they fed us chicken broth when were sick! Here is […]