DHA Requirements During Pregnancy

As I have stated before children are our greatest given gift! With childhood cancer now the number one killer of children, protecting them should be our highest priority!

The DHA need of a an unborn child is very high and if it is not readily available in the mother through daily intake, the baby will deplete her stores leaving her deficient and prone to preeclampsia, preterm labor, stress intolerance, poor mood, and increased risk for postpartum depression.

What about the baby? The baby’s greatest need for DHA starts in the third tri-mester and continues until they are 6 months of age, the brain hasĀ  a growth spurt during this time. DHA is is involved in epigenetic gene programming, this lasts a lifetime, so this information is very relevant to pregnant and nursing mothers. It also enhances infants sensory, cognitive and motor development. These children with the highest DHA levels had greater attention span well into their second year of life.

Cancer is now the number one killer of children in the U.S. It has been discovered that DHA can kill neurobalstoma cells in vitro. Neuroblastoma is a cancer that originates in the sympathetic nervous system of an embryo or fetus. Five year survival is high upon diagnosis as an infatnt, however that drops to 35% survival in children that develop the disease at a later age.

GNLD Salmon Oil Plus, is a pure salmon oil produced in an oxygen free environment by mollecular distillation that protects the EPA/DHA. In addition GNLD tests for over 200 contaminants and can trace the oil back to the boat!

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