Death by Sugar

Weston A. Price, DDS, spent his life examining the dental structures of people groups around the world. He documented the effects of poor nutrition on the narrowing structure of the face and the strength of teeth. He also witnessed the generational degradation of health due to poor food choices. On one of his trips down the Panama Canal he observed that workers on the sugar cane plantations would cut sugar cane all day while chewing on a piece of sugar […]

Exercise and Free Radical Damage

The exercise craze has certainly not diminished over the years. If anything it has become a national obsession, with half marathons, triathalons, and the recent advent of the “mudder.” No, not slang for “mother,” but a down and out grueling athletic event where the individual completing the event is bestowed an orange headband! I will always be the first to tell a client that at the very least they should get outside for a minimum of 15 minutes to walk. I […]

The Joy of Fat

I am frequently asked “Will fat make me fat ?” to which I respond “NO!” Usually my client starts to fist pump the air and make statements like “Oh, I have missed butter.”  I usually tell them that in addition to butter another great fat is coconut oil, and they should add coconut oil into their diet along with butter. I will be discussing fat in great length over the next three newsletters.

What do Chocolate Bunnies (Harvested by Slaves) have to do with Easter?

First of all, unless the chocolate specifies fair trade or slavery free it is being harvested by children in West Africa. These children are duped away from their families and into thinking they are getting a “fair” job that will provide income for their families. As soon as they arrive their papers are removed and they are presented with a sum of money to pay for travel that they will never be able to pay back. They are then required to […]

Bone Broth Part 4-Beef Broth

Now that you have mastered chicken broth with or without the feet. It is now time to move on to knuckles and bones with marrow!! Like chicken bone broth, beef bone broth is just as nourishing and I find it to be an excellent stock for beef vegetable soup, or a french onion soup! TO MAKE BEEF BONE BROTH You will need a combination of the following: Knuckle bones Shin bones with marrow Beef back ribs – I like a […]

Bone Broth Part 3-with Chicken Feet

Yes my friend you heard that right, chicken feet! Not just for walking. I have recently discovered the blessing and benefit of using chicken feet in a bone broth stew. I did not include the feet in the first recipe, because I thought you would faint like I did the first time I used them :). Adding chicken feet increases the gelatin content in the broth, making it a more nutritious drink or soup.  The collagen from the feet is […]

Bone Broth Part 2-The Recipe

I have always made bone broths mostly because I am cheap and I hate to see a good carcass go to waste. Therefore every time we finished a chicken I would make a stock out of it, and either use it for a chicken soup or freeze for another day. Recently I have discovered how important Bone Broth is for over all health, and our grandmothers had it right when they fed us chicken broth when were sick! Here is […]

Do Weight Loss Programs Work?

The short answer is no! With everyone’s New Years Resolutions to lose weight, I thought I would weigh in with my opinion :). Here are some statistics: 95% of weight loss plans fail after 3 years with individuals gaining all of their weight back, while 83% of diets that are developed by the individual are successful with the individual at their goal weight 5 years later. What this means is that program weight loss centers such as weight watchers etc., […]

How Much Protein Do I Need Every Day?

This post is coming on the heels of “Should My Child Be a Vegetarian?”  I was besieged with questions as to what is the best source of protein and how much do I need every day. Protein is essential to a healthy heart and body, however too much or too little protein can have negative effects on the body. It so happens that the egg is the perfect protein, because it contains all 22 amino acids is the proper ratio. A good […]

Should My Child Be A Vegetarian?

The short answer is no. Read on for my explanation as to why I do not believe it is in the best interest of the child to be a vegetarian! First from a biblical perspective God says in Genesis 9:3 “Every moving thing that is alive shall be food for you; I give all to you, as I gave the green plant.” (NASB) Dr. Weston A. Price spent his life researching people groups around the world. Many of them were […]