Exercise and Free Radical Damage

The exercise craze has certainly not diminished over the years. If anything it has become a national obsession, with half marathons, triathalons, and the recent advent of the “mudder.” No, not slang for “mother,” but a down and out grueling athletic event where the individual completing the event is bestowed an orange headband! I will always be the first to tell a client that at the very least they should get outside for a minimum of 15 minutes to walk. I […]

Do Weight Loss Programs Work?

The short answer is no! With everyone’s New Years Resolutions to lose weight, I thought I would weigh in with my opinion :). Here are some statistics: 95% of weight loss plans fail after 3 years with individuals gaining all of their weight back, while 83% of diets that are developed by the individual are successful with the individual at their goal weight 5 years later. What this means is that program weight loss centers such as weight watchers etc., […]