DHA Requirements During Pregnancy

As I have stated before children are our greatest given gift! With childhood cancer now the number one killer of children, protecting them should be our highest priority! The DHA need of a an unborn child is very high and if it is not readily available in the mother through daily intake, the baby will deplete her stores leaving her deficient and prone to preeclampsia, preterm labor, stress intolerance, poor mood, and increased risk for postpartum depression. What about the […]

Suffer the Children

I am increasingly saddened by the state of our children’s health. I recently read a report that 30% of children will predecease their parents. Cancer is currently the number one killer of children. Obama’s report on cancer reflected that children are now being born pre polluted. Children are a blessed gift from God whether they are given to us by adoption, fostering or birth. What can be done to protect their health? Keep their diets free of additives, preservatives, sugar, […]