I grew up in a city, and watched my mother chase down obscure ingredients to make meals and watched my father eat with gusto. This was my earliest memory of how food can bring joy and life.

Time passed and my own relationship with food changed to include commercially prepared foods, Oreos, what a dream. I also moved out of the city to a farm.

Unfortunately I contracted Lyme disease on the farm and spent 16 years battling the detritus of a little tick. No easy fight. I used the arsenal of both traditional and holistic doctors to try and kill the bacteria. The years rolled on and I was still very sick.

I met a Lyme Literate MD that also was very holistically minded that got me thinking again about the role of nutrition and the immune system. I embarked on a NO: gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol plan that included procuring organic food. I took gobs and gobs of supplements, I chased rest of all kinds. Eventually I healed and it has been 12 years, since I have been free of the disease.

I learned a lot and wanted to know more. I am insatiably curious as a result I finished certifications in nutrition and eventually completed a Naturopathy Doctorate and opened a clinical practice one day a week. I wanted to help individuals navigate the confusing world of nutrition and other lifestyle changes.

Life has a way of rolling back to the beginning and I live in a city again. I am no longer farming so I endeavor to engage with farmers to get my food. There is no greater happiness, then wandering a farmers market surrounded by tall buildings and sniffing deeply the earthly smell of mushrooms or being told my eggs were gathered that morning. I feel joy in this weekly exercise. 

I look forward to sharing my journey with you and walking out your path, to a greater awareness of how to care for yourself.

Liz Dempsey Moore, CNC,CNHP, CGP, HN, ND Educated